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Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest

Handmade Jams

About our jams
Because we pick many of our ingredients from the wild the selection of jams we make depends a lot on what we find. This means that the flavours we have available change from month to month, so there is always something new and unusual to try. If you come and visit us at a festival we will have a wide selection of jams available. Most people find it hard to select a single jam so they often take advantage of our 3 for £11 offer (excluding Bilberry Jam) and stock up with a range of our jammy treats.

The following jams are a selection of our favourites and illustrate the breath of our range. Like liquorish allsorts, every one is someone's favourite and none more so than our Strawberry and Rasberry Jam with Raspberry Gin which recently won the silver award in the Jampionships.

If you have one you particularly want to get hold of please 
get in touch and we'll do our best to make sure we have it available for you at our next event

Whenever we can, we forage for our ingredients, picking fruit and flowers from towpaths and receiving donations from our fruit friends to use in our jams.  When this is not possible, we visit markets, farm shops and support local businesses. Unless otherwise stated all our jars are 210g in size.

Why not make a gift of our preserves, all beautifully packaged in one of our gift pack? The three jar packs costs £15 each and the one jar pack costs £5.

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