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Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest

Handmade Preserves from Wild Side

Wild Side is a small artisan preserve business making and selling high quality Jams, Marmalades, Chutneys and Vinegars as we travel around England's inland waterways. 

The distinguishing feature about Wild Side is our use of foraged ingredients, mostly collected from the canal towpaths. While there are some exceptions, we aim to stay true to our strapline - 'a foraged flavour in every jar'. The end result is a range of exceptionally tasty preserves, which have collected a number of prestigeous awards over the years. Its safe to say that our products
 are a little unusual, a little exciting and definitely erring on the Wild Side.

During the summer months we travel with our boats Wand'ring Bark and The Jam Butty, slowly moving from one canal festival to another. If you spot us along the way, feel free to flag us down for a pot of jam! 

Lots of our regular customers need a jammy fix during the winter months and you are always welcome to visit our Aldridge home and pick up a jar or three.

Here at Wild Side we try to keep things simple so we sell everything we make for £3.50 per jar, or 3 jars for £10.

Mail Order

We have often been asked if we provide a mail order service, but we have concluded that glass jars and couriers do not make a happy match when you ship such small quantities as we do. Too many customers experienced the disappointment of broken jars, so now we sell all our products face to face.

Wholesale supplies

We are a small lifestyle business and we make and carry just enough of our preserves to last us a season out on the waterways. We therefore have no capacity to make or store products for sale to other retailers.  The only exception to this are the Aldridge based Fairlawns Hotel and Spa, who use our Wild Side jams and marmalades as part of their breakfasts and afternoon teas.


The Jam Butty

Our Preserves

Our Location & Events

Come and see us!

The following map shows where are are right now, and if you scroll down you will find a list of events we will be attending in the coming months.

If you see that we are in your area and ...


Our Awards

We are delighted to have won a range of awards for our preserves over the years, endorsing the exceptional quality of our products.  These awards include The World Marmalade Awards, the Jampionships  and won overall chutney award.

Champion Chutney Award 2015Gold Chutney Award 2015
Artisan Marmalade Maker Silver Award 2015Artisan Marmalade Maker Bronze Award 2015Artisan Marmalade Maker Gold Award 2014Artisan Marmalade Maker Bronze Award 014World Jampionships Silver Award 2014