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Wild Side Handmade Preserves - The hedgerow's finest

Handmade Cordials

There is more than a touch of schitzophrenia about our cordials. Some beople buy them and mix them with water to get a refreshing hit of hedgerow taste but if we are absolutely honest, most people buy them to mix with alcohol and so produce an amazing range of cocktails. 

It is fair to say that we have probably invested more time in testing this product range than any other, and the reward for those long hours with a glass in hand is the smile which crosses the faces of those that taste them.
There is no need for you to remember how to make the drink as each bottle has a tag and on the back are the instructions for the cocktail - it couldnt be easier.

As with our other products, what we sell changes with the season.

We tend to start with Nettle Cordial, a sharp refreshing drink followed by Elderflower Cordial and Pink Lemonade made with Lemon and Raspberry. As the roses bloom we capture their taste in Rose and Orange Syrup and then for the adventerous there is Himalayan Balsam Cordial. As the season progresses we will make Grandma's Orange Squash, the basis for a wicked St Clements before we reach Autumn and its abundance of fruit which we make into Sloe Cordial, Elderberry Cordial, Apple and Ginger Cordial rounding off the season with our ever popular Mulling Syrup.

These cordials, and the resulting cocktails really have to be tasted to be believed!

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